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*warning - Soda Love is addicting and may result in intense cravings


The only thing we love more than our drinks and treats is YOU! We know that's a bit forward so soon, but it's true!

Crazy Delicious

When we splash a little bit of our special syrups, creams, and purees into your favorite drinks we will BLOW. YOUR. MIND. Seriously.

Soda Love Anonymous

We realize that our delectable sweets and treats may cause addiction. We'll be here when those cravings come.

What exactly is Soda Love?

We take all of your favorite drinks, add a little bit of love (flavors, creams, purees, etc), and then completely blow your mind with deliciousness! In addition to drinks like you’ve never tasted before, we also offer amazing Sugar Cookies (pink or coconut frosting), Smoothies, Movie Theater Popcorn, super fun Kids Drinks, Italian Sodas, Candy Bars, and Chips. 

We also know that it can be a chore to get out of your car to enjoy your favorite beverages and treats. No worries, we a convenient drive-thru only shop.

What are guests are saying

Courtney McLaughlin

Google Review

My cousin and I were looking for a quick place to grab a drink and this popped up on google. We tried it on a whim and fell in love! We've been here quite a few times and I've tried many of the drinks. Super nice employees, always delicious and very reasonably priced. And the cookies are amazing as well!

Whitney Weed

Facebook Review

We love Soda Love! Such a fun place to grab a treat after school/work! The kids love to choose fun flavors to try! The popcorn is the best, so are the cookies! GO CHECK IT OUT!

Daniel V.

Yelp Review

Amazing little hidden gem, right in plain sight. Easy to get to on Pyramid. It's a drive thru only, so don't try and go through the back door like I did...thankfully, it's locked ;) big menu before you approach the window so you can see everything. Pretty simple menu. Drink combinations can get insane I'm sure but the signature drinks they offer are really good and very cheap. Cookies are AMAZING. A little pricey, but they're huge and they're really fresh. Highly recommend checking it out. My only regret going is now I know how good it is and I live two blocks away! I'll definitely be coming back regularly.

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